Thank you indiAN nation

It’s hard to believe I have announced 100 varsity games for the school I love. The support I have gotten the past few years as I have been behind the mic has been outstanding. There are so many “Thank You’s” that I need to make and the first one is to the “man behind the senes”, The MCSC Media Director and TribeTV Instructor Mr. Brooks Holloway. The many hours he has spent with the Tribe Sports Network and all the things he has helped me with to become the announcer I am today, I wouldn’t be where I am today with out “Holloway”. Next I would like to thank my amazing partners within TribeTV and the TSN. Their help has been amazing, the “Tribe Guys” can do anything and my TSN crew can make a stream look like it’s from ESPN. Next I would like to thank the MCSC administration, your support of TribeTV and the TSN has been amazing over the years. Next to the community, fans and listeners. Thank you for the amazing support and thank you for “tuning into” the best student driven media production in the State. Next to my partners at the Radio station and all the guys who cover Grant County Sports. Lastly to my family, thank you for all the support and all the late nights. The nights coming back from a game that is an hour away, the late nights typing up a story or hearing my voice at 10:00 at night doing an interview. All these people have had a big impact on my announcing career and are special people. Again, thank you all for the support and I’m beyond excited to be calling more games behind the mic for Ole Miss Athletics.

Story By:

Ryan Scott

The Voice Of Indian Athletics/ The Tribe Sports Network Director

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