Local News Mid Week (Chronicle-Tribune)

The Newest retelling of James Dean’s life is closer to hitting the stage, also maybe the silver screen, “Cool’s Angel,” an original musical by Todd Syswerda and Mark Fauser, debuted at Indiana Wesleyan University Sunday night as invited guest to read of there script.

A water main break from Sunday has had Fairmount residents without regular use of water, The Superintendent for Fairmount said that a structure fire was on the southeast side of town on Sunday, also said that during hauling of water to the fire a hydrant was turned off too quickly, leading to the main break.

One of marion’s downtown revitalization projects is finally receiving the funding to begin, The city was awarded a $350,000 grant by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to demolish the DanMar apartment building in Marion’s historic downtown district on the condition that the exterior north and west walls remain standing. It will be replaced and not be messed with for around five years.

City admins have hired a new person to oversee, encourage and work with Marion’s 27 neighborhood associations, Kayla Johnson will take over as the city’s neighborhood association coordinator starting of Nov. 6, replacing the retired Larry Richardson back in January.

-Tyler Gleason



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