Local News End of week (Chronicle Tribune)

A house fire broke out about 6:30 pm at a house on Third Street, Gas City Fire volunteer Department responded to a call at 500 s Third st. from outside flames were visible said the homeowner and his two kids. No one was hurt.

Paul Lowell Haines has been inaugurated as the 31 president of Taylor University. Haines Graduated from Taylor in ’75 and he has been acting like the president since last year, it was until Friday they made him official.

The 13th Garfield to be included in the county-wide tail will sit at Payne’s Restaurant. the owner Stephen Payne says the Grant County Visitors Bureau approached him with the idea of putting a Garfield statue near his restaurant. The Garfield will have a British redcoat and bearskin hat on.

Members of the Converse Town Council are debating on tearing down the Borderman Gym because of a number of structural issues. But some want to keep it as a historical value piece.

-Tyler Gleason

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